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Leinie and I recently returned from our trip to Wisconsin for E5 at That’s My Dog! Inc. Before E5 we had the opportunity to relax a bit at Buteo Bay with our friends at the Wisconsin Canine Coach. Buteo Bay is the perfect place to hang out by the lake and relax, me with a book and Leinie with a Jolly Ball!

Dog books are a large part of the Follow Me Dog Training LLC library because there is something to learn from everyone. It is important for continuing education and no matter how small the morsel, there is something to be learned. Before my trip to the Midwest, I picked up one of the new releases from author Dean Koontz. I have always enjoyed reading Koontz and this intrigued me even more because it was a Memoir of his Golden Retriever Trixie.

a big little life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog by Dean Koontz is well worth picking up, or borrowing from the library! Now keep in mind that it is a memoir, but a well written wonderful telling of the life of a Golden Retriever that changed the life of one man. Haven’t we all wanted to write a book about that one dog that changed our life?

What I loved the most about this book…unlike a well loved book that came out a few years ago and was subsequently turned into a movie…this book doesn’t just talk about how horrible a dog can be, the trouble they get themselves into or the damage they can do. This book showed the importance a well trained dog can have in your life, how much more fulfilling it can be.

Trixie sounds like an amazing dog! One that has changed many people’s lives. Go read the book!!!

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