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Your dog's nutrition

One of the questions I answer about once a week regards dog food. What should I feed my dog? How much should I feed my dog? What do you feed your dog?

Dog food is a complicated subject because there are so many different kinds on the market. Before we get into anything else I am going to suggest that if you take care of yourself, watch what you eat, ever look at a food label, or stay away from some eating establishments because of quality of food….do the same with your dog food. A little research goes a long way in the long, happy life of your dog.

Not all dogs are equal and you should do what is right for your dog, one food may work better then another! Most dogs do well on a good quality kibble. But even that kibble is baked at such a high temperature that many of the good vitamins and nutrients have been baked off. So I do suggest a supplement to help replace some of those minerals and vitamins.

I strongly suggest you keep an eye on dog food recalls. Dog food will sometimes be recalled by the company if there is a disease like E-Coli or Salmonella found in a batch of food. And sometimes if there are metals or plastic pieces found in the bags. I personally will stay away from foods that have ever been recalled at any time. These days too it is important to watch those companies that are being sued for false ingredients, or not telling what all the ingredients are. Who knows what else they might not be telling you about.

In my opinion, there are few canned foods that contain quality food. If you need to add wetness to your dog’s food…try water, or cottage cheese or yogurt! But be really careful about the canned food you choose.

A good quality food can help with behavior issues, excessive shedding, stinky gas and poop, tearing eyes, stress, allergies, and many other things.

For a decent kibble some of the things to look for:

  • 3 animal proteins in the first 5 ingredients
  • look for a food that supplies the necessary calories for the life stage and task required of your dog
  • buy from an company that has a quick turnover (look for a best buy date on the bag) the longer the food has been on the shelf, the more pesticides and preservatives.
  • No colors and excessive smell which may indicate preservatives and not actual peas and carrots.
  • No corn, soy or GMO grains- some non-gmo grains are actually needed for your dog’s health!

So to answer some questions:

What food should I feed my dog?  Check out Dog Food Advisor and find a food that is 5 stars, many of these foods you can find at an independent pet store or at Amazon.

I need a cheap food, what should I get? Don’t get a dog unless you are prepared to take care of it as you would yourself or a family member. A good quality food isn’t going to be cheap. Pay for a good food and you will pay less in behavioral training, Veterinary bills, and cleaning up. But again…DO YOUR RESEARCH!

How much should I feed my dog?  Never go by what the side of the bag says. Go by what your dog looks like. Dog obesity is as bad as human obesity right now. Your dog should have a figure when you look at them from above. Use an actually measuring cup, not just a red solo cup with a line…trust me your dog will be better off. Just because you have a lab, doesn’t mean you should feed them as much as they want.

What do I feed my dogs? Both of my dogs are fed the Volhard Dog Nutrition,  Natural Diet Foundation 2. It is super easy for me to put together and they love it. I have seen some incredible changes in my dogs since I switched. It is balanced, has never been recalled, and quality control tested 3 times. They also receive a Vitamin B -Complex.

Before I switched both dogs to the NDF2, I had them on a high quality kibble (5 stars on Dog Food Advisor) and added  Volhard Endurance. The Endurance helped supplement nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the food lost in production. Right now all the dogs that I have come to my house for training or boarding receive Endurance (with the owner’s permission) to help reduce the natural stress that comes from learning and boarding.

The bottom line with dog food is…feed them well and your dog will live longer, healthier and happier. DO YOUR RESEARCH! it is super important.


LogofromwebsiteRenée is now a consultant for Volhard Dog Nutrition. If you are intersted in trying Endurance, NDF2 or any of the other great supplements. Please contact Renée or and click on the link for Volhard Dog Nutrition. When you are paying for your products it will ask for your referral source, PLEASE click on my name.

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