Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2016!

Follow Me Dog Training LLC hopes your holiday season was full of dog slobber and fur balls…I mean love and happiness…same thing right?

We don’t make resolutions, but we do look back and see what new things we can accomplish with our dogs. Or what things we can stay consistent with to keep our dogs happy.

Frappy, Leinie and I went for a long walk on the first day of the New Year. Sometimes in my business, I find that I spend more time with other people’s dogs then I do with my own. So I try and take the time every new year’s day to let them know how amazing they are and that I will always try to spend more time with them.

Because of recovery circumstances, we have spent a ton of time together the last couple months. Having two trained dogs has made my life so much easier. Leinie picks things up for me if I drop them (that was a ton of help when I was in a sling), both dogs believe in the healing power of cuddle time and dog snores, and they have been calm and in control in the house when people come to visit. But the most important thing has been to be able to walk both of them on a waist leash with no fear of them pulling or getting out of control.

Give your dog the gift of training in 2016. Training pays off in so many big and small ways. Follow Me Dog Training is currently setting up Free Evaluations starting 1 February 2016. If you are interested in setting something up, contact us through this clicking this link: Follow Me Dog Training LLC contact form and we will email you back as soon as we can with more information.


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