Help Support our Troops!

Leinie supports our Troops!
Leinie supports our Troops!

Follow Me Dog Training LLC is a big supporter of our American servicemen, women and K9’s! This past June a close friend and fellow dog trainer, CSM James Hamm US Army,was deployed to the far reaches of Afghanistan.  CSM Hamm has been deployed 6 times in the Middle East and has fought and stood bravely for our country and I couldn’t be prouder to call him a friend and “Big Brother”. James contacted me with a question that I was very quick in answering YES to.

His Battalion is working closely with our NATO allies. Most specifically with a German EOD Unit (explosive, ordinance and demolition). The dogs serve a limited time and then are replaced. The heat and working conditions can be harsh and sometimes deadly for these K9’s.


“We fly the dogs and their handlers across the battlefield to support the special operators here as well as on the compound to search all the third country natives, Afghan nationals, and every vehicle, truck, tractor and/or trailer that enters the compound (approx 40 vehicles and 150 people daily).” -CSM James Hamm

James had a kennel built with his construction team and was reaching out to friends and fellow dog people to see if we could help this EOD Unit with supplies. The dogs and handlers were sent with limited supplies. Knowing that these dogs and their handlers are the first men in to search for EOD’s in areas where our American troops are going was all the incentive Follow Me Dog Training LLC needed to see what we could do to help.


“These guys are here to support us and we are here to support them.” – CSM James Hamm

So Follow Me Dog Training LLC reached out to friends, colleagues in the dog world, and clients to see what we could do. Generous support flooded in and I can’t thank everyone enough. To date we have sent out Kong Balls, Nylabones, lighted collars, Doggles, paw protectors, First aid kits, Zoom Grooms, Crystal light, Propel and other supplies. My plan is to send a box out to James, his troops and the EOD Unit every month.


“YOU ROCK!!!The package showed up today and at first I said “Cool, the guys and dogs are going to like this” and then I started unpacking it and saw all of the Crystal Light and Propel boxes and then it was “GAME ON”You absolutely made my day!!!!!I took the Kongs, Nylabones, and collars down to the kennel and it went just as expected, they tried to tear them apart.Pretty cool.I didn’t have my camera but when I go back I’ll get some shots.There are going to be 4 more dogs coming in Nov / Dec, not sure the type or capability yet but it will give me more to do.I have quite the reputation now.Pretty cool stuff.” -CSM James Hamm

EOD K9 sporting Doggles, Paw protectors and carrying an awesome toy!
EOD K9 sporting Doggles, Paw protectors and carrying an awesome toy!
CSM Hamm rewarding a job well done
CSM Hamm rewarding a job well done
CSM Hamm with the EOD handlers & K9's
CSM Hamm with the EOD handlers & K9

I would like to send a special shout out to some of the companies and people that are connected to us that have helped out so far, THANK YOU!!!

Canine Coach of Wisconsin, That’s My Dog! Inc, Mahar Manufacturing, the VFW in Rhinelander WI, and all the amazing clients and friends of Follow Me Dog Training LLC.

I personally don’t think we can thank our troops (both past and present) for their sacrifices. We are so honored that James asked for our help and that we can do something to make his deployment a little better.

Follow Me Dog Training LLC was given specific permission to post these photos.

CSM Hamm is due to be returning to the United States in the summer of 2011 and we couldn’t be happier! He sends his thanks for everyone’s continued support and the many things that Follow Me Dog Training LLC sent out to him, his troops and especially the MWD’s.

Follow Me Dog Training LLC will continue to support our K-9’s in action through groups like Space Coast War Dog Association and the United States War Dog Association.

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