Holiday gift ideas!

‘Tis the season for gift giving. Follow Me Dog Training LLC hopes that every dog out there has an ornament on the tree and a stocking hanging from the chimney!

I know Leinie and Frappy have been working on their Christmas wish list and I can imagine it is full of Kong toys, Planet Dog Balls, and Bouncy Bones! Santa will no doubt be generous to those two.

Along with some cool toys though I will have made a couple donations in their names… to Semper Fido and to Fetch a Cure. These are just two of the organizations we strongly support. I thought I might make mention of a couple places that if you were interested in making a donation, or getting merchandise/gifts from it would help animals and people!

Semper Fido is an organization that is helping pair wounded veterans with rescued dogs. These rescued dogs are then trained as service dogs and then placed with their veterans. I had the opportunity in September of 2011 to work with 3 of the dogs and to meet the brave Marines that were paired with the dogs. It was a tremendous experience. You can buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt or even better, make a donation and help out these Warriors!

Fetch a Cure is a 501 ©(3) non-profit organization determined to improve quality of life by connecting people and pets through accessible, compassionate treatment and education. Just the other day I learned that another dog that I know and love has been diagnosed with a grade 2 mass cell tumor. He will be going through Chemo and treatment and so Fetch a Cure shows it’s importance once more.

Just found out about the 501 (c) (3) Kevlar For K9s. They are trying to get kevlar vests to  all working K9’s both foreign and domestic. These vests can help protect a dog from bullets, knives and bomb debris.

The Space Coast War Dog Association sends boxes of supplies to our MWD’s and their handlers overseas. Great organization!

Follow Me Dog Training LLC does not support groups like The Humane Society of the United States or PETA…we would be happy to explain to you why, but this post is about the holiday season and giving to organizations that are all about helping animals. So we encourage you to support your local humane societies or rescues…they are in the thick of it and really doing their best to help dogs!

Ring Dog Rescue, Richmond Animal League and the Richmond SPCA are some great local groups that need your help to provide care for dogs while they find their forever homes.

Look around your local area and talk to your friends, I can imagine there are alot of organizations out there that need your help. The one thing that I would never suggest though is…. Do your family and any potential fuzzy family member a favor, and DON’T GET A DOG AS A GIFT FOR YOURSELF BUT ESPECIALLY NOT FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!

We hope everyone gets just what they want for the holidays. Follow Me Dog Training LLC wishes you happy holidays and peace on earth!

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