Kasper on how to enjoy a Nylabone.


Kasper is a 10 month old Maltese/Poodle mix (a malti-poo)that has been staying with Follow Me Dog Training LLC for a couple days. He is a cool little dog with a great personality. He and Leinie play almost all day….they trade toys, they run after each other, Kasper tackles Leinie, Leinie woofs at Kasper….it is a trip to watch them play. Kasper has a love of toys only a little less obsessive than Leinie. He has tried to pick up and carry around Leinie’s Bouncy Bone, but wasn’t able to run too far with it. Mostly he sticks with the small and medium sizes of Kong balls, and the Nylabone Knot toys.

I DO NOT allow products such as rawhide, pigs ears, hooves, bully sticks and the like in my house. My dogs don’t need them and I find them to be rather disgusting and don’t see the need for my dog to chew on them when they can have something healthier like a Nylabone product. Kasper came to the house with a rawhide chip and it has stayed in his bag because of my house rules and because he has been finding so much joy in the toys Leinie is sharing with him.

So here is how it goes in our house right now…..the Kong ball is dropped because Leinie is obviously having more fun with the Knot.

Kasper must show off the toy to everyone and proudly chew it, head thrown into the air. Although it does look like the size of it will tip Kasper over.

Curling up on the bed he chews on it for a good five minutes or so….

Until falling asleep….

At this point, Leinie will spot the abandoned toy and the exchange starts over.

It has been alot of fun to have Kasper here and have him play so well with Leinie and vice verse!

Kasper is one of Follow Me Dog Training LLC’s clients and he would not have been allowed to come stay with me if he didn’t already have a great recall, some basic manners and was social. All those accomplishments came with training and he still has a bunch of fun stuff to learn in his training package when his owners come home. If you are interested in training your dog, contact Follow Me Dog Training LLC for a FREE evaluation with your dog.

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