Looking for a gift for your dog?

The holidays are fast approaching. In fact, Hanukkah begins this Friday at sundown. Then the Winter Solstice comes through, followed soon after by Christmas and Kwanzaa. People are out buying gifts and making preparations for the holiday they celebrate. So tell me is your dog on the gift giving list?

Here’s a list of a some things that would be great gifts for your dog, or in honor of your dog:

  • A new dog tag from www.boomerangtags.com These are the best dog tags around. I love their collar tags for adjustable nylon collars. They fit on just about any style of dog collar, stand up to a lot of wear and tear and look good. Be sure to put your mobile phone number on the tag!
  • A dog bed for their crate or kennel from Primo Pads. I love these, they are virtually indestructible, easy to clean, provide comfort in any weather, light weight, waterproof…the list goes on. My dogs love theirs and I even put Leinie’s large one in the back of my car for long car rides. Oh and they come in a lot of cool colors too.
  • A new toy from the Kong Company, Planet Dog, or Nylabone. These are my top toy company suggestions for your heavy chewers, bored dogs or ball obsessed dog. The favorites in my house are the traditional red or black medium sized Kongs, a dental dyno from Nylabone, and an Orbee from Planet Dog. As a bonus, when you open a box from Planet dog, it will smell like peppermint!

  • A backpack for your dog is a great gift to help burn some extra energy while on your walk. It makes them work harder and concentrate more on using their whole body. There are many different kinds for sale, pick one that is built for your dog’s specific size. Add only weight that is between 10-20 percent of your dog’s body weight. Usually a bottle of water on each side or a can of soup on each side will do the trick.
  • A high quality food that is WITHOUT corn, by-products, coloring, wheat products, and artificial flavors. Food affects behavior in dogs as it does in human. Have you read the ingredients list on your dog’s food lately. Check it out, the best gift for your dog is good health!
  • Time is a great gift for your dog. it is cheap too and your dog will love you unconditionally for it. When planning out your holiday schedule, plan out time for your dog. Daily walks help both you and your dog and help relieve the stress the holidays can sometimes create.
  • Considering giving a monetary gift in your dogs name to groups like Fetch a Cure (to help cure canine cancer), The National Animal Interest Alliance (The mission of the NAIA is to promote the welfare of animals, to strengthen the human-animal bond, and safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners), The Space Coast War Dogs Association or  The United States War Dog Association (help purchase much needed cooling vests and supplies for our Military War dogs and their handlers), or find a LOCAL rescue group or rescue group to help support.
  • Training…any kind of training for your dog is a great gift for dog and owner. Contact Follow Me Dog Training LLC and we’ll set up a free evaluation with you and your dog.

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