Place Boards

We use place boards alot in our training! Follow Me Dog Training LLC encourages you to think outside the box when you are working on the place command but honestly sometimes a nice dog bed is all you need. Many of you in private lessons or in group class have used the place boards that I offer so I wanted to let you know a little bit more about them!

They come in all different sizes! They come in different colors! They are easy to wash and take quite a bit of wear and tear. The covers are all replaceable. They are light weight and can be transported or even taken apart easily. They provide ventilation (my dogs like it when I put their bed over a heating vent in the winter).

Here are Leinie, Frappy and Riley modeling the small size.

 Pilot  is modeling the 2 dog model which is also perfect for our large breed dogs!

Dempsey and Izzy are on the standard size.

And Bella shows you how comfortable the standard size place board is as she falls asleep in group class.

Cover colors are blue, black and a whitish color. Feet come in the below colors:

PS: Those of you that are VCU students or Alum; the black with yellow feet boards look very sharp!

If you are interested in teaching your dog the place command: contact Follow Me Dog Training LLC for a FREE evaluation with you and your dog!

If you are interested in purchasing a placeboard for your dog: contact Renée at

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