Our next Puppy Steps Program begins on 25 February 2016!

If you have a puppy that was born on or after 29 November 2015, they are the perfect age for the Puppy Steps Program.

The Puppy steps Program is full of hands on, talking, worksheets, games and information.  Here is a checklist of the things we work on:
.       House breaking
.       Who’s in charge/leadership
.       Play biting
.       Handling skills
.       Grooming
.       Toys
.       Games
.       Socialization
.       Wait command
.       Walking on a leash
.       Additional training when you and your dog are ready.

All puppies should be at least seven weeks of age, but no older than sixteen weeks to participate in The Puppy Steps Program. Puppies must be in good health and have the first round of vaccinations administered by a veterinarian or breeder at least one week prior to the first class night. There is no obligation to continue training with Follow Me Dog Training LLC after the puppy consultation.

Get a jump start on raising your puppy right by contacting Renée at Follow me Dog Training LLC for more information about time, location and other important things!

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