Service Dog on Sesame Street: Meet Brandeis

Canine Companions dog Hercules helps Brandeis become a Service Dog

In season 43 of Sesame Street, on 12 October 2012, brought to you by the letter S and the number 9; a soon to be service dog named Brandeis was introduced to the gang.

Episode Summary

What kind of job can a dog do? Brandeis is about to find out! After attempting—unsuccessfully—to fold laundry in the Laundromat and sweep the floor in Hooper’s store, this yellow Labrador Retriever fears he’ll never be employable, that is, until he learns about service dogs from Gina.

Gina tells Brandeis that service dogs help people with special needs and explains that becoming one takes a lot of hard work. Brandeis is ready for the challenge.

After weeks of training, and learning to do things like opening drawers and turning on lights, Brandeis officially becomes a service dog. He’s nervous about meeting Liliana, the girl he’ll be helping, but once he does, it’s clear that this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership…not to mention a long, happy career.

Canine Companions for Independence worked with the Sesame Street team and had one of their labs, Hercules in the episode.

Follow Me Dog Training LLC thinks this is a great opportunity to teach kids about service dogs and all they do to help out those with visible and invisible disabilities. Service Dogs are a wonderful addition to the lives of all people. We have had the opportunity to help with a few dogs through Semper Fido. And we can’t forget out friend Tuesday and his human Luis  Montalvan.



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