Spotlight on…The Bloodhound

This is Boomer, he is a Bloodhound and a current client of Follow Me Dog Training LLC. Boomer has been spending the day with me for a little bit of extra training and fun. We’ve been to the park and to the shopping center and walking him around is kind a lot of fun. Many people know what a Bloodhound is by sight, but it really seems as though it is hard to meet one in person. So I thought I would share a little information about the Bloodhound.

Those big old flews on a Bloodhound make them the perfect scent hound. So much so that when they put their head down, the ears and the skin folds cover their eyes and nose, they become completely focused pulling scent through their flews and into their nose. Even better though is all the drool and saliva trapped there. It is said a Bloodhound can fling their drool at least 20 feet…I totally believe that, I currently have some on my ceiling!

Bloodhounds were originally used in Europe and the Mediterranean to hunt game such as deer and boar. There is literature that has them Mantrailing as early as the 1300’s. Nowadays they are used mostly in America for Mantrailing. They can follow a cold scent that is several days old over miles of terrain. They are solitary trackers (aren’t used in a pack like some of the other hounds) and are usually silent while following a trail and then let loose with their baying and howling when they have successfully found the end of their trail. Bloodhounds are successfully deployed to find missing persons and escaped prisoners on a regular basis.

Bloodhounds are for a unique owner. One who doesn’t mind the drool, that is willing to keep them exercised and challenged, that will socialize them and have fun with them. They are perfect for working in Search and Rescue and as Police K9’s…”Established in America for over a century, it proved early on to be a tireless worker for law enforcement, being so accurate that evidence trailed by a Bloodhound has been accepted in a court of law” (

There are alot of famous Bloodhounds in our cultural history: Ol’ Red from country singer Blake Shelton’s song, Bruno from Disney’s Cinderella, Trusty from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp, Duke was Jed’s Bloodhound in the Beverly Hillbillies, Hubert from the movie Best in Show, Copper from Disney’s The Fox and the Hound, the Bumpeses had a bloodhound in A Christmas Story, McGruff the Crime Dog, Ladybird from the tv series King of the Hill, and many many more. Author Virginia Lanier has a whole mystery series that features Bloodhounds as well… these books are good reading!

Like any other dog, a tired Bloodhound is a good Bloodhound! Training and exercise are key to having a happy and healthy dog. Make sure a Bloodhound is right for your lifestyle before you bring one into your home and look to training the dog right from the get go. We can’t train them not to drool…

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