Thanks Leo and Tanner!

Many thanks to Leo, Tanner and their humans! They took advantage of our referral program and introduced us to some awesome canine friends and their humans.

As all my clients know, Follow Me Dog Training LLC has a referral program. If you have ever wondered if Follow Me Dog Training LLC follows through on the program, ask Leo and Tanner. Here is what we do:

Refer 5 people to Follow Me Dog Training LLC.

All 5 sign up for a full dog training program.

Follow Me Dog Training LLC will refund you the price of your training program!

Have your friends, neighbors or other dog loving people in your lives, call or email for a FREE evaluation. or 804-381-8876

Refund does not include the price of training equipment. Multiple dog households will only be refunded one program. Board and train clients will be refunded price of successful living program.

Thank you Leo and Tanner for  being stellar representations of the training Follow Me Dog Training LLC uses to help humans and canines communicate better!

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