Where’s Leinie? September 2012

September 2012 finds Leinie exploring a different part of Richmond Virginia. Do you know where he is? Follow Me Dog Training LLC encourages you to go out exploring with your dog!

Here’s the challenge: Take your dog out exploring, find Leinie’s location, take a picture of your dog where Leinie is posing (in the same location or as close as they can physically be), send the picture and the exact location to renee@followmedogtraining.com. Please send your pictures as an attachment so I can post them!

The first picture I receive with your dog in the correct spot wins a prize from Follow Me Dog Training LLC. You will also have your dog’s picture posted all over and have bragging rights for the month.

The current month’s picture will always be on the Where’s Leinie? page.

Be safe and responsible! Pick up after your dog! Now get out and explore Richmond!

The Where’s Leinie? challenge is open to everyone in the area, even non-clients!

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