Why can’t we all just agree and get along?

In October of 2010 I had the opportunity to attend a seminar entitled Ian Dunbar- Science Based Dog Training (with Feeling). I was looking forward to a weekend full of interesting information, networking with some other dog professionals in the area and new ideas to take into my toolbox of training. I was a overwhelmed with my experience. I did learn quite a bit and did start incorporating some of the tidbits into some of my training sessions. But the weekend was not at all what I expected.

A friend and fellow professional (Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog! Inc ) asked me if the seminar was worth it, seeing that Dr. Dunbar is a respected dog professional. I was honest with my answer to her. Many people have asked me for my opinion and if you want to read my review please go to www.truthaboutshockcollars.com .

I have only to repeat what MacFarlane summed up: “I keep praying for the day when all dog trainers will truly carry themselves as pros and give the dog world the credibility it deserves.”

I run my business to help people form a stronger bond and clearer communication with the dog or dogs they have chosen to live their lives with. I love learning more and more about dogs and the way they learn and will continue to keep a full toolbox of dog training methods in order to accomplish what I have set out to do. I am lucky that I do know many canine professionals that share the same beliefs, I do wish that more professionals could come to an agreement that doing what works for the dog and the owner is the most important part of training a dog.

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Renée and Frappuccino
Renée and Frappuccino

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