Winter Weather policy

Even Frappy wears a coat when the weather drops into the 30's and below.
Even Frappy wears a coat when the weather drops into the 30’s and below.

Because most of our lessons and group classes are outside to provide the maximum amount of learning opportunities with your dog, I have to pay attention to what is safe outside.The cold weather lessons can be difficult for safety issues as well as not being able to learn when trying to keep warm. I totally take into account that we have some people and their dogs that love when the weather reaches the 30’s with snow and general winter weather. Each year I am faced with making a decision based on the weather and I hate it because I would much rather see all the dogs I am scheduled to see! Unfortunately it is just not safe! In the past I have written a  couple of blogs explaining the situation. I encourage you to check out these links!

Follow Me Dog Training LLC Winter Weather Policy:

If temperatures with wind chill drop to below 35 degrees F, all outside lessons and classes will be canceled. If it is snowing or sleeting, lessons and classes are canceled (please keep in mind that it isn’t safe to be on the roads and the terrain will become dangerous for humans and dogs to walk on). If Schools are closed, lessons and classes are canceled. If school buses can’t make it to the schools or the neighborhoods, I won’t be able to, safely, either.

If we have a lesson planned, you will likely receive an email or text from me, no later then a half hour before our scheduled lesson time, informing you of the weather cancellation. We can make adjustments together if it is possible to do the lesson inside, however many of you know that being outside makes for a much more fun lesson. If there is group class scheduled for the day, please check Facebook, Twitter or text me and find out if the class is still going on.

Here is a great chart to explain wind chill a little better:

I understand that I have a lot of dogs that are looking forward to seeing me as much as I am them. But for safety’s sake (both for human and dog) sometimes I am forced to make weather related decisions. Please bear with me as we reschedule and work your dog into training.


Cookie and Meadow love the snow...but they don't want to learn in it!
Cookie and Meadow love the snow…but they don’t want to learn in it!

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