Dogs and Acupuncture

canine acupuncture dogs and chinese medicineLast week, Frappy had her first experience with acupuncture with Four Paws Veterinary Holistic Service. Frappy has been receiving chiropractic adjustments from the time she came to live with me. But she is a senior dog now and needs just a little more help to maintain fitness and the ability to move (chasing squirrels and stealing socks is still an everyday routine for her). She also had some x rays taken so we can have a baseline of treatment as we move forward and she has, as suspected intervertebral disc disease at L2-3 and L3-4. Nothing to worry about but an area Dr. Lord can treat and keep an eye on as she ages. Taking care of a senior dog is never fun because they should live forever. Unfortunately the best we can do is keep them moving, eating and as healthy as we can as they age. I want all my senior dogs to live as long as they want to and can. So holistic veterinary care in conjunction with good food, exercise and regular veterinary check ups (shout out to Mechanicsville Animal Hospital ) is super important.

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