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fetch a cureWHEN: Wednesday 19 October 2022 

WHERE: Intermission Beer Company

WHAT TIME: 5:00-8:30pm

WHY: Statistics show that one in four dogs and one in five cats in the U.S. will develop cancer in their lifetimes, making it the number one disease-related cause of death for our canine and feline companions. I have been directly affected with at least 3 of my dogs passing because of a form of canine cancer. I know too many of my clients have been as well.

WHAT TO BRING: CASH  (Raffle and Bingo Cards are CASH ONLY) 

WHAT GOES TO FETCH A CURE: 10% of the night’s in-house sales! All cash from Bingo cards and Raffle tickets! Any other donations made in person!

8:30  RASING OF A GLASS: We will present Fetch a cure with the monies raised that evening and raise our glasses to the amazing dogs who are surviving, fighting and watching over us.

This is an inside event. All Bingo games, the raffle and other things will be taking place inside, Dogs are NOT allowed inside. (Except service animals)


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2022 Walk MS Event with Follow Me Dog Training

2022 Walk MS event with Follow Me Dog TrainingI want to thank everyone for the success of our team for this year’s Walk MS event. It’s been a few yrs but we still made an impact. Thank you to team members and their dogs, thank you to the amazing woman that donated our t-shirts, thank you to all those that donated to help find an end to MS. We had a beautiful day and a wonderful walk. If you missed out and want to still donate to the team, you can do so here:

Enjoy a beer and get your dog a pup cup!

Intermission beer treats for dogsDid you know Intermission Beer Company has Treats available for your pup? They have Nana Oat Happy Pops (Dog Popsicles) and Pup Cups (A Cup of Whipped Cream!) available for purchase! ($3 for one frozen dog popsicle made of Banana chips, whole grain oats and natural vanilla and $1 for a pup cup).
Remember, no dogs allowed inside since because they serve human food. Leashed, well-behaved dogs are welcome on the patio!!

We have learned as much as our dog, Rosie!

Rosie the dog after Follow Me Dog TrainingWe were referred to Renée / Follow Me Dog Training LLC by our trusted friends, and upon our first meeting with Renée it was clear why they were so eager to share her information with us. There are just some people who have a special gift with dogs, and Renée has a remarkable ability to connect and communicate with dogs and their humans. Renée’s process of first assessing our dog and family and doing a thorough interview helped us to get clear as a family what our goals were for training, the kind of relationship we were looking to build with our dog, and the kind of life that we wanted to build a family with a new member. This was our first puppy, and we needed some firm and direct advice about all things dog. Renée provided us with invaluable guidance and wisdom, and provided this in a way that met us where we were at in the process. Renée kept us laughing, but also kept us on point and held us responsible to our own goals. We have learned just as much from this as our dog Rosie, and we give Renée our high recommendation without any reservations!”

-The Ward Family

Dogs and Acupuncture

canine acupuncture dogs and chinese medicineLast week, Frappy had her first experience with acupuncture with Four Paws Veterinary Holistic Service. Frappy has been receiving chiropractic adjustments from the time she came to live with me. But she is a senior dog now and needs just a little more help to maintain fitness and the ability to move (chasing squirrels and stealing socks is still an everyday routine for her). She also had some x rays taken so we can have a baseline of treatment as we move forward and she has, as suspected intervertebral disc disease at L2-3 and L3-4. Nothing to worry about but an area Dr. Lord can treat and keep an eye on as she ages. Taking care of a senior dog is never fun because they should live forever. Unfortunately the best we can do is keep them moving, eating and as healthy as we can as they age. I want all my senior dogs to live as long as they want to and can. So holistic veterinary care in conjunction with good food, exercise and regular veterinary check ups (shout out to Mechanicsville Animal Hospital ) is super important.

Know your dog’s stress signs…

Stress and dogs, follow me dog training, richmond, VAThere is nothing in this video that is cute…. some of the kids in these clips are REALLY close to getting bit. These dogs are all expressing extreme stress because of those kids. I actually had a conversation last week with my dental hygienist about this, she showed me a quick video of her 8-month-old child and their lab. Without thinking I pointed out all the stressors the dog was showing and advised her to stop allowing those interactions to happen. I may have put a little fear in her but it’s worth it. Dogs and kids can be great friends, but your dog needs to be able to trust you and your kid that they are going to be safe. Now watch that video again and take some mental notes. And PS….dogs give these same signals to adults as well… Don’t go hugging or getting in the face of dogs you don’t know, and if you do know them, pay attention to what the dog is telling you about their comfort levels.

Dog Sensitivity in Hearing

dog hearing sensitivity richmond vaEars!!!! Gunnar and Loki have different earsets. “Dogs have far more sensitive hearing than humans and can detect much quieter sounds. Their sense of hearing is about four times as sensitive as ours, so what we hear at 20 feet, a dog can hear at about 80 feet. … This means there are some sounds that are inaudible to us but quite available to our dogs.” Marc Bekoff Ph. D