Introducing Your Dog to the New Baby

Bringing Home Baby to the Dog
There are multiple things you can do to help smooth the transition of bringing home a baby to your family dog.

So, you’re having a baby and you already have a dog.  Follow Me Dog Training LLC offers a class for the expecting family. So much will be changing in your world as you prepare for and 9 months later, bring a new baby into your home. These changes can cause stress on your dog and you may notice some behavioral changes. It is so much easier to be prepared!

What’s the best way to introduce the two so that there are as few problems as possible?  There are multiple things you can do before you have your baby, and not wait until after you give birth, to help smooth the transition of bringing home a baby to your family dog? We can help you focus on what will help the most with you and your baby in this huge transition period and give you the BEST way to introduce your baby to your dog when you come home from the hospital. Contact us to set up one of these lessons and we will discuss the preparations that need to be made as far as your dog is concerned.


The dogs have been great for the most part, they are still extremely gentle with the kids (now almost 6 months old!), though they do like to sneak by and get a light kiss in…which makes Pierce giggle uncontrollably.   Gillian just smiles.  Both my children are now aware of the dogs, and if I have them on my lap and Bish or Rip sitting nearby, they’ll reach out to pet them on the nose, which the dogs are very receptive to.  I couldn’t be happier with the relationship forming between my children and the dogs, and can’t imagine what the alternative would have been if I hadn’t never reached out to you for help.”

Geoff Martin