Feeding Your Dog

Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs

Your Dog's Nutritional NeedsThe food we feed our dogs makes a huge impact on behavior, energy, and growth. There are a lot of dog foods to choose from. There are some great foods out there and to be honest, there are some I wouldn’t even donate to a shelter; they are so deficient in nutrition. Advertising and marketing will try to make you think that the foods that you see in the best commercials, with healthy running and playing dogs are the best for your dog, many times that is far from the truth. It seems like we are weekly hearing of a new food or treat company that has placed a recall on one of their products. I encourage you to research the food you are feeding your puppy, dog, and senior dog.

There are six building blocks of proper nutrition: protein, fat, carbs, minerals, vitamins, and water. As your dog grows it is also important to keep in mind that the foods that are rich in enzymes make the difference in good or bad food. All processed dog food that is cooked is deficient in certain vitamins, enzymes, and minerals and often doesn’t contain the right amount of nutrients for your dog. Read the Whole Article

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