Know your dog’s stress signs…

Stress and dogs, follow me dog training, richmond, VAThere is nothing in this video that is cute…. some of the kids in these clips are REALLY close to getting bit. These dogs are all expressing extreme stress because of those kids. I actually had a conversation last week with my dental hygienist about this, she showed me a quick video of her 8-month-old child and their lab. Without thinking I pointed out all the stressors the dog was showing and advised her to stop allowing those interactions to happen. I may have put a little fear in her but it’s worth it. Dogs and kids can be great friends, but your dog needs to be able to trust you and your kid that they are going to be safe. Now watch that video again and take some mental notes. And PS….dogs give these same signals to adults as well… Don’t go hugging or getting in the face of dogs you don’t know, and if you do know them, pay attention to what the dog is telling you about their comfort levels.

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